Fairy Land—URchic | The Secret to Fashion


Do you always feel like something missing in your wardrobe?

Are you still looking for one and another fancy dress?

Less-expensive clothes get worn out quickly with bad quality

Designers' brands stop you with the high price

The price performance is unsatisfied in physical stores

Online shopping makes a lot of embarrassment with clothing clashes


I use to be worried about getting right clothes like you do

After I meet URchic

I know the way to get clothes with good quality and fair price

Exceptional design and cutting can be found in niche brands

Every girl deserves dedicate and pretty clothes

Because everyone is unique as a star in the sky

This is the mission and vision of URchic


You are the best

No matter who you are

Whether you have a model face and body or not

As long as you hunger for beauty and pursue a delicate life

URchic is your best choice

We are able to collect every style you want:

Entry luxe, girly, romantic, elegant……

Are you still a fan of fast moving brands like Zara and H&M?

Are you still wearing clothes with bad quality and so-called cheap price?

Are you still throwing away "new" clothes in one year?

What a waste!

Are you always feeling that clothes from Chanel, Dior, Burberry are too expensive?

Surely, not only luxury brings you delicacy!


Clothes from big brands cost thousands of bucks. However, what is the real cost of them? Various high costs easily lead to whopping price in big brands, including brand premiums, advertisement fees, rents of stores in prime locations, payments to department stores……

Ladies, somewhere you don't look much, there are many fashionable niche brands. They are produced by big-name designers. Styles from them are novel and pretty. Everything from designing to manufacturing is competitive when compared with those of big brands. In addition, these clothes are just labelled with the fair price.

What? Are you still going to ask me where to find these niche brands? URchic has already gathered them for you. 

Open our web, search for the styles and designs you like, then, all the pretty clothes with good price performance are waiting for you here. 

Moreover, it's easy to get the same ones that stars wear.


What We Have

FEATURED DESIGNERS:Marie Elie; Julia&Julie; Forel; Rumia


UK:AlternaSense、Istyni、Icynude、Still still studio、laimitie、La Freedom, Feme hearts

US:For Love & Lemon, Mary Frances, Someothers,Otebanbass

AU:Alice McCall, Macymoccy,

ITALY:stella by Julia

FRANCE: Maison Blanche, Ayuki Amiee, BlingblingQuin,Ricci Yummi


CHINA (HONGKONG&TAIWAN):June eleven, Devil beauty,I love fur, Siran, YAOZONKU,Mood Miura,Ayan Wang,AnaRosha,Homeme,Luvon By LIULU,SevenSept,YUEL XIANG,Tony tony’s

SHOES: Chinchin

URchic wants to tell every girl: appearance is never the standard to judge whether a girl is beautiful or not.

Only if you jump out of the box for "Barbie Dolls", you can find your own charm.

Beloved one may not know

A "good night" from him can light up all the sky


Now, you may not be the girl

Loving pink, waiting for prince charming

But, we still believe however time goes by

You're still the girl who's willing

to be curious and open-minded

to wait and find

Meeting URchic, Meeting beauty