Coming to the Wonderworld,

Coming for the Fancy Experience of Immersive Shopping

Hello, fairy ladies

Have you visited the Wonderworld?

Did it remind you of the childhood?

If not, do come

Let it bring you back to the dreams of girls

Where filled up with pink bubbles


If you are going to ask me

What can strike you girls' hearts except the Alice Exhibition

I have to say

The special event - Wonder Showroom

Of New York Fashion Week in September


Brave and curious Alice walks in the fairy tale

For the journey of seeking herself

We can walk through the Wonder Showroom

To feel the innocent youth again

To put aside all the troubles in life temporarily

To set free the burdens on your mind and make it fresh


Wonder Showroom is

a special event for Fashion Week, co-worked by Wonderworld and URchic, lasting in 20 days.


Sep 7 to Sep 30


76 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012

This event of Wonder Showroom is the first offline experiential event. Urchic is a buyer's store of niche brands and designers' brands which pops online recently. There are more than 20 designers' brands and over 1,000 pieces of clothes. They are less popular but prettier with both practicability and delicacy.

For example, the brand, Marie Elie, was established in France, whose design director is the previous designer of Dior. It has the same level of design and texture like top-line brands. Various styles, including vintage and modern simplicity, help you dress up on all kinds of occasions.

The brand, Rumia, comes out of Australia but not out of fashion. It's so hot in Ins that becomes necessary for every it girl.



Still still studio, a brand from London, provides the gentle, fresh and simple style that is perfect for dating. The clothes are produced by Jelena who is the exclusive pattern maker for Beckham, JW Anderson, Princess Kate. The clothes are the best expression of fresh and gentle feminine temperament.

As a designer's brand, LA Freedom keeps the clothes comfortable and casual, however, makes them sexy and luxury at the same time.

An independent brand called Istyni comes from London. Its featured style is simplified European one mixed with vintage and romantic elements. This style is so unique and attractive.


There are also MacyMccoy from Australia and a cool brand SomeOthers from US. Their price performance is awesome. The elegant OL style and chic hip-hop styles are available with similar price like Zara's.

All in all, plenty of brands and various styles are collected in URchic. What's more? The quality of each piece is super good. Seems like you can buy luxury goods with reasonable price.

Every girl deserves a dress which you can wear to parties, ceremonies or even Met Gala. Compared with those big-brand ones, our dresses promise you with unique designs, delicate workmanship and cheap price at the same time. In addition, it cannot be better that these dresses belong to enter luxury brands.

In this September, Wonderworld will revival your boring life. During this event, we invite 80 to 100 New York celebrities and famous fashion bloggers who will post their favourite pictures on Ins after the trial fit-up activity in Wonderworld exhibition area.

In Wonder Showroom, the featured brands are Still Still Studio, Rumia and so on. The clothes being sold live will be updated irregularly to make surprises everyday.

Rules and Content:

Clothes, shoes and handbags are displayed to fit the style of each exhibition hall. They are labeled with codes and the look books of certain series. Each customer is provided with brochures and they can find quill pens in every room to make notes on the product codes (which imitates the format of real ordering meetings in Fashion Week). They can try the clothes on in fitting rooms after selection. In addition, what have been selected can be matched up for customers to take pictures in certain styles in all rooms.

Compared with those busy professional buyers who have many considerations including profits and trends, who even don't have time for shopping, you can be the buyer you like, feeling free to buy.


Customers purchasing over $100

Get discounts on entrance tickets

Customers purchasing over $300

Get free entry and 10% off

Customers purchasing over $500

Get free entry and 20% off

Buying from the niche brands

Which you are not usually easy to get genuine ones

Buying from Wonderworld

With cheap price

Without worries

Where and How to Buy:

Offical Website:

Entrance Ticket$26/person, $22/person (over 2 people)

Ticketing Website

Coming Online on the Day of Event

On Alice's table for afternoon tea, the accessories of LE LOUP from Canada will be displayed for sale. Affected by the diverse life styles in West Coast of North America, the design of LE LOUP is progressive and elegant, unique and practical, delicate and fun. Come on and check!

The name of the niche shoes brand, Chinchin, originates from the crisp sound of wine glasses colliding together which also expresses the wish for happy and easy moods. The concept of this brand is "???". The designer established this brand after graduating from Royal College of Art and works on producing fashionable and comfortable shoes since then. It is undoubtedly your best choice of entry luxury shoes.

More products will come out in the exhibition

In addition

Ordering goods on the website in the exhibition venue

brings you the same discounts

Waiting for you in Wonder Showroom!