Wardrobes by Chen Wardrobes by Chen

Four-color Sequined Fringe Dress

Price: $349.00
Wardrobes by Chen Wardrobes by Chen

Pearl Embellishment Gradient Slim Dress

Price: $549.00
Wardrobes by Chen Wardrobes by Chen

Crystal Nail Bead Gradient Sequins Skirt

Price: $434.00
Wardrobes by Chen Wardrobes by Chen

Sequins Embroidery Sling

Price: $260.00

Entry Lux Fashion for You

URchic makes entry luxe fashion brands affordable for women. Our mission is simple: We build a bridge between women who want the latest fashion and emerging fashion designers who create styles that make women feel confident and bold. In our collections, you will find fanciful fabrics, stunning silhouettes and one-of-a-kind ensembles from cutting-edge designers.

Our inspiration comes from the artistry and imagination of rising fashion brands for women. We curate our collections of romantic, youthful outfits from American and international designers. Whether your look is edgy or ethereal, if you’re experimenting with your look or building upon an established personal brand, URchic offers unique luxe fashion at an affordable price point.


At URchic we hope to help girls to create their own styles as constellations in different shapes. May each young woman adhere to her precious ideals and maintain her own style. We will give girls a stage, with more space to imagine and provide more choices to build herself as a unique star. We hope that through the service and products of our website, girls can become more beautiful and more confident.

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